About Bior Jems


Hi guys!

My name is Brittany, the founder of Bior Jems.

My brand was created solely to inspire others and show you all that jewelry is a staple piece to have in your daily wardrobe. I choose all the pieces myself and make sure to provide the highest quality pieces that are made for everyone. I wanted to also ensure that we have a wide range of pieces that are made to layer and stack to complete any look. 

As I continue this journey I hope that I can also inspire many of you and show you that if I can do it , you can too! Being a Latina owned business , I want to be the best for you guys and always show you that no one can stop you!

A lot goes into Bior Jems but it makes me so happy to know I have support of my family and customers. It makes me feel like I'm doing exactly what I need to be doing in my life. Thank you for following this journey of mine & I'm excited for all of you to be on it with me !



Brittany Romo